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How Liquidation Affects Consumers In Singapore

In Singapore, consumers undergo the liquidation process to settle their debts. The process allows them to seek assistance through the court to sell their assets to pay off their debts. However, this process can credit lasting effects on the consumer and their future aspirations. The following is an assessment of how the liquidation process affects these consumers in Singapore.

No New Lines of Credit

During the liquidation process, the consumer isn’t allowed to start any new lines of credit. They cannot acquire a short-term loan, new credit card accounts, or acquire any type of financing. If they attempt to start a new line of credit, they can face serious penalties, and their liquidation case is stopped completely.

The Bankruptcy on the Credit Report

Creditors update the consumer’s credit report when their accounts are paid off. While this is beneficial, it doesn’t mitigate risks associated with the bankruptcy listing. This listing … Read More

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Scary Diagnoses When Pregnant

Even if you carefully plan everything in making a family, it will never remove the fear of common worries during pregnancy. A lot of parents get anxious about how their child is going to be even if it is still in the fetus stage. A lot of parents will do everything that they can to stay healthy and also keep the baby healthy inside. People will even go to the gym and work out to keep their body strong and durable. So that when the day comes, she will be ready for the birth. There will always be doubts even though you are healthy and strong enough to deliver the baby. Any mother would want a normal and speedy delivery and that is why they fear something wrong will happen. There are some common childhood conditions that parents are afraid of happening to their baby.

It … Read More

Experts: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

When Push Comes To Shove, How Can You Get Compensation?

Bad things happen in our lives all the time, that is a fact that we all have to remember and put into our minds. It can be that bad things may happen. Bad situations can also happen to us at any time and at any given moment. There are also instances where we meet with bad circumstances which becomes mostly an everyday thing that happens today. Truth in all, these things happen. The truth is, these things are really unavoidable at times and we cannot do anything about it. They are really just things that happen all the time. Anyhow, if we ever come to experience these kinds of things to us, it is not a reason for us to let our guard down or lower ourselves and give in to those kind of problems. Whenever these bad things tend … Read More

Social Security Counseling Center Introduces SSD & SSI Consultation Services


(Southfield, MI)— Social Security Counseling Center announced the introduction of their SSI consultation services. At no charge to the client, the firm’s social security disability attorneys are on a mission to help Michigan residents who are unable to work due to a serious long-term disability find out whether they may be eligible for SSI benefits.

“When a person finds themselves in financial quicksand because their physical or mental disability prevents them from earning an income, the last thing they need is inaccurate or incomplete information about obtaining social security benefits. Unfortunately, Social Security Administration personnel are not always well-informed about the ins and outs of social security disability law, but the good news is that our attorneys are. Our free consultations are our way of sharing the knowledge and experience we have with those who desperately need to know whether they have a viable claim for benefits … Read More

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Want to Protect Your Car: Here Are Some Steps for You

Your car is one of the most valuable material assets you have. And because of that, it makes a lot of sense to provide it with the best protection you can. If this is your first time to own a vehicle and you admit in yourself that you do not have so much knowledge about car safety and security, then this article will likely be a good read for you. Find below the tips you need on how to protect your car.

Ways to Protect Your Car the Right Away


In the process of protecting your vehicle, you want to think of how you can safeguard your car from the harmful elements of the environment. But there is no need to be that worried because you can find in the … Read More