Menopause – Signs and symptoms

Frequently the main symptom of approaching menopause is an adjustment in draining examples. Periods may end up plainly lighter or heavier, longer or shorter, the time between periods may increment and there might be infrequent missed periods. These progressions may happen bit by bit in a few ladies, however might be more unexpected in others.

There are likewise an extensive variety of physical and psychological signs and symptoms related with menopause. In a few ladies they are exceptionally gentle while in others they are more serious. They may keep going for just a couple of months, or may proceed for quite a long while.

Physical signs and symptoms of menopause might be incontinence and infections of the urinary tract and vagina, Hot flushes, sweats (often at night) , tiredness,  joint and bone pain, Palpitations, unusual skin sensations, headaches, and vaginal dryness.

Then the Psychological signs and symptoms may include Anxiety, reduced interest in sex, difficulty concentrating, irritability and mood swings, loss of confidence, difficulty sleeping,  depression and forgetfulness,