Tips on Keeping Event Attendees Safe and Secure

It’s a shame, but true, that even the most well known parent or guardian needs to have a special pass to get into a school. It wasn’t too long ago when it was simply taken for granted that each person visiting a school, class get together, or a field trip was on the up and up. Those days are gone, and today it’s common for people to be turned away if they don’t have proper credentials, a printed school lanyard around their neck, or an ID tag attached to their shirt.

Today, great care must be taken of children attending school or, for that matter, employees of a company participating in a sponsored event at a municipal park. To make sure everyone is safe, organizational sponsors can have Event lanyards printed in various colors of each class and have attendees wear them. They can have ID cards encased in plastic attached to the lanyards so a chaperon can see who they are and which children the parents or teachers are taking care of.

The lanyards can have whistles attached to them, and grownups can keep their car keys and other smaller items on them where they’ll be found in a second. There’s no end to the number of details a lanyard can handle just by attaching something of importance to it. Color is another plus if they’re are multiple grades attending a zoo or amusement park as a school outing for the day. If students from kindergarten through sixth grade are attending who require special care, each grade can choose a bright, beautiful, color lanyard to identify their class.

Consider taking a class of rambunctious third graders to the zoo and parents are helping. How will they know which child belongs to a particular class? By the colors each class is wearing. No one wants to lose track of a child near the tigers or gorillas at the zoo. It’s the same for the kids. If they lose track of the person chaperoning them, they can look for the adult wearing a lanyard sporting their class color.

Children have many ways to get into trouble, such as getting their lanyard caught in a door. If it has a breakaway clasp, they can just unclasp it or pull it over their head.